Morscher's Pork Store

Morscher's Pork Store opened its doors in 1957 on Catalpa Avenue in the heart of Ridgewood, New York when Joseph Morscher decided to bring the family butcher traditions from Gottschee, a German enclave in Slovenia to America.    

For over 38 years Morscher's Pork Store has been offering its customers fine quality meats, poultry and homemade delicacies.

The homemade European specialties entice your senses as soon as you enter the butcher shop.  Bratwurst, Weisswurst, Krainerwurst, Tirolerwurst and Schinkenwurst dangle over the counter. The tantalizing aromas of smoked meats arouse your taste buds.   The showcases abound with steaks, pork chops, ribs and fine cuts of meat, next to several homemade coldcuts, Wuerste and specialty salamis to satisfy every taste.

Morscher's Pork Store combines state-of the-art meat processing with the
meat making traditions of old European butchery. Family recipes handed down through generations and specialties from  Germany, Austria and Eastern European countries guarantee for a truly international and unique array of meat offerings.

If it's Cevapcici, Mititei, Schwarzwaelder Schinken,Krakow style Kielbasa, you will find it at Morscher's Pork Store.   In addition to all freshly prepared meats and cold cuts, an array of European food specialties, i.e. German cookies and baking products, Polish pickles, Yugoslavian jams and Slovenian condiments line the shelves.   

Today Morscher's Pork Store is run by Herbie C. Morscher who took it over from his father Herbert, a cousin of the founder, and Siegfried Strahl who has been a partner since 1983.