Arguably the best-kept secret at Morscher's Pork Store, our Paprika Head Cheese is 
a surprising, yet welcome, blend of both taste and texture. 

Our story of discovery is almost as interesting as the flavorful experience waiting for you at your first bite.  We found this recipe on a day-long excursion off of a week-long trip along the Danube River and instantly knew we had to add this gem to our menu as quickly as possible.  We brought this back to our recipe masters in America, who were able to update this eastern European staple into a Morscher's Pork Store favorite. Our process takes the finest pork tongue and other delicacies, wraps them in an explosion of spices, and delivers your tastebuds an unexpected treat.  A great cold-cut not to be missed at your next outing to Morscher's Pork Store.